Bone Structure: Curated by Yolene Grant and Yulan Grant

July 16 - August 27, 2016

Opening Reception
Saturday July 16
6 - 9 pm

Marco Gomez
Devin Kenny
Felipe Meres
Sondra Perry
Kameelah Janan Rasheed
Bobby Trotman


The body is always someone’s body.
It is experienced or “lived.”
My body signifies me in a unique way.
It announces and proclaims my existence with authenticity.
Here I am—body and flesh! 

-Carol Collier

The lived experiences contained within our body are undoubtedly linked to identity. What happens when the vessel is broken? What seeps out? What formation does the goo take if there is no vessel to mold its form? What is transferred once the body is no longer a viable vehicle to convey information?

Have you heard about that theorythe one where caterpillars retain their memory even after they’ve transformed into moths? The caterpillar’s body is broken down and its innards are completely reorganized. Even after its transformation, the moth still brings with it traces of memory experienced from its previous form.

Bone Structure examines the aftermath of obliteration, the noises within the blood holding the impressions and complications of one’s presence. The exhibition traces the postures, assertions, inscriptions, and slipperiness that come with personhood without the inherent spectacle surrounding the politicized body. Bone Structure firmly plants itself against reducibility. These works showcase a sliver of the alternatives that sit outside the materiality of fleshthe embedded complexities and nuance that can thrive even in the midst of physical absence. 

"Bone Structure at AA|LA," Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles.